A Complete Rajasthan Travel Guide for First Time Travelers

A Complete Rajasthan Travel Guide for First Time Travelers

Rajasthan is a noteworthy vacation spot drawing individuals from all parts of India and the world. Travel guide for Rajasthan is going to make your voyage to the “Place that is known for Princes” significantly more fun, energizing, safe, and huge. These travel tips are a basic ability of what to do and what not to do when in the state of Rajasthan. For a first time traveler to Rajasthan, it would be to a great degree helpful to have a look at the travel tips specified underneath.

Why choose Rajasthan as a tourist place?

Rajasthan is an ethnic and glorious state of India. It grasps its explorers in its vivid environment. Rajasthan travel guide will encourage you why to visit this beautiful place.

1) People-Friendly

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Friendly-People of Rajasthan

Rajasthan’s cordiality is its notable trademark, yet even its amicability is so without any preparation. Individuals’ inborn warmth in a split second melts away the delay of an explorer.

2) Festive Atmosphere

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Festive Atmosphere

Rajasthan is a place that is known for celebrations. There are such a variety of festivals held yearly, for example, the Desert Festival, Pushkar Fair, Elephant Festival, Gangaur Festival, Marwar Festival and Nagaur Festival just to give some examples.

10 Most Famous Rajasthan Festivals and Fairs

3) Good Accommodation Options

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Good Accommodation Options

When you are voyaging, great accommodation is a top concern. Rajasthan has a wide range of choices to look over lavish lodgings, visitor houses, legacy resorts, spending inns and home stays.

Explore some of the most luxurious hotels in India

4) Places to Eat

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Places to eat

Rajasthan is the perfect place to experience delicate restaurants, local delicacies, and gastronomic delights. Cinnamon and Suvarna Mahal in Jaipur; Darikhana, Risala, Sunset Pavilion and Latitude in Jodhpur; Devi Garh and Sheesh Mahal in Udaipur; and The Trio in Jaisalmer are some of the best restaurants in Rajasthan.

5) Personal Space

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Personal Space

Despite the fact that individuals are inviting, they give you space to do your own particular thing. The sentiment being in Rajasthan is exceptionally warm.

6) Pick-up Service by Hotels

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Pick-up service

The greater part of the inns in Rajasthan offer free transport from the air terminal or railroad station to the inn. It comforts you to just be escorted to your inn.

7) Free Wi-Fi

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Free WiFi

Some of the places in Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udiapur and Kota provides free WiFi for all the people. So, keep connected with the world and enjoy.

8) Protected and Welcoming

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Welcoming Nature

Rajasthan is very safe to travel for tourists. It is moderately protected and invites explorers with open arms.

9) Money Exchange

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Currency Exchange

Facilities for exchanging currency is available at banks or authorized money changers.

Now after reading above given reasons would you like to have a Rajasthan tour?

When to visit Rajasthan?

Despite the fact that there is no such thing as best time to visit Rajasthan as the temperatures amid the late spring months fluctuate a lot. The days are to a great degree hot, however at evenings, the temperatures plunge with a clear chill, yet it is for the most part prescribed to those who are not acclimated to Indian summers, to visit Rajasthan in winter or rainstorm months as, amid this time, the state is getting it done and is additionally the time when all fairs and celebrations are held.

Despite the fact that it can be a year-round destination, the best time to visit Rajasthan is in winter is from October to March when the desert sun is not all that serious and the days are cool and wonderful. A large portion of the desert celebrations arranged as vacation spots are additionally held in winter. For voyagers making a beeline for the slopes of Mt. Abu, the midyear months of May, June and July are great. The desert additionally becomes animated after the rainstorm in the months from July to September when the slopes are dressed in green and have their very own appeal.

Therefore, Rajasthan travel guide can help you to plan Rajasthan tour according to its climatic conditions.

How to visit Rajasthan?

Rajasthan is most well known for its notable fortresses, castles at grand areas, delightful regal legacy. In the event that you need to make the most of your occasions in Rajasthan then “Rajasthan Travel Guide” helps you to investigate this excellent Indian travel spot by giving data about how to reach Rajasthan.

The most effective method to reach Rajasthan

Rajasthan, situated on the north-western side of India, is the biggest condition of India and has dependably been a mysterious spot which voyagers have needed to investigate. Rajasthan is a destination which can be gotten to without much trouble. One can achieve Rajasthan by air, rail, and street. All the urban areas of Rajasthan are all around associated by rail and street while a few urban communities have household air terminals also.

Prudent measures and wellbeing tips:

  • People who are prone to get heat stroke rapidly ought to be careful as Rajasthan is a hot and dry district. Thus, it is fitting to utilize caps or go to make one’s sans excursion from cerebral pains.
  • Do not eat out at street side joints in the event that you are not certain about the cleanliness element.
  • Do not drink ordinary faucet water. Continuously devour bubbled or mineral water and continue always drinking fluids to maintain a strategic distance from lack of hydration.
  •  Avoid having non-veggie lover nourishment from little eateries as one is not certain about the nature of lamb, chicken, or whatever other meat served here.
  • Most imperatively, dependably keep a medical aid box convenient when you are moving.

Visit Guide: The landmarks in Rajasthan are fortresses of Indian and Rajput history. A prepared aide is constantly prescribed on your visit to the different spots of vacation destination in Rajasthan.

Apparel: Light cotton garments in summer and woolens in winter. Winter evenings can chill.

Cuisine: Rajasthani food is exceptionally zesty. In any case, if that sometimes falls short for your framework different foods are additionally accessible.

Temple Propriety: Shoes and pets are not permitted inside Indian Hindu sanctuaries. A few sanctuaries preclude the section of individuals having a place with different religions. Try not to damage these principles. Religion still holds an extraordinary spot and feeling in India.

Emergency: These numbers ought to be at your fingertips- Police control room 100; fire station 101; rescue vehicle 101.

Locks: Lock your room and gear deliberately before going out and on the train. Look out for pickpockets.

Inform Hotel: Educate your inn about your whereabouts and telephone number when you go out alone. Approach your lodging for exchange from the station or air terminal to spare being deluded.

Touts: Be careful with touts. Try not to believe any outsider about lodging reservation or tickets.

Shopping: Try not to shop in the city as you are well on the way to be tricked on the off chance that you don’t know about the cost and quality altogether.

Smoking and Drinking: Smoking and drinking are not permitted all over.

Photography: Photography is precluded or preceding exceptional consent at a few spots. Try not to disregard the standards.

Legacy Hotels: The legacy inns in Rajasthan are breathtaking. Experiment with no less than one of them when you are here.

Castle on Wheels: This extravagance train takes you from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. Get on this train in the event that you need to taste the imperial Rajasthani experience.

Historical Background: Catch up on your insight into the historical backdrop of Rajasthan before set foot on this memorable spot.

All said and done, pack your rucksack for an overwhelming Rajasthan tour. This Rajasthan travel guide will help you appreciate the beauty of the place to fullest without getting into any inconvenience.

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